nov 14-18

I.) Legal aspects
1.) Formation, incorporation and beyond
2.) Immigration

II.) Financial aspects
3.) Managing finance
4.) Exploring tax-landscapes

III.) Go-to-market aspects
5.) Marketing vs. PR
(Positioning yourself for the global race, Content marketing for acquisition, Hacking print media)
6.) Pitching upwards
(Pitching your way up the food chain, Doing not talking, Pitch out of water - open your Rolodex)
7.) Community integration
(Becoming a member of a community - creating a community, The importance of networking and how to do it the US way, Advisors do it for love)
8.) Introducing your product

IV) Growing the company
9.) Recruiting first US employees
10.) Getting the job done somewhere else
(Outsourcing operations and Managing outsourced work)
11.) Sales process guidance
12.) Growth management
13.) How not to die (US Startup survival guide)

We’ll try to make your feet touch the ground and inspire you by examining some of the core rules of making or braking your company Big in America and let you immerse in some cultural differences fire-side chats. Challenging you to explore the issues of Fear and Risk taking as perceived in different business environments, and empower you to learn from other people’s experience on what it is like to be a professional legal alien.

….and yes, we’ll expose you to some of the top VCs in the ecosystem.
You’ll be able to engaged in some structured networking after a VC panel on international entrepreneurship, guiding you through their views on How to pitch US VCs but we’ll also spend some more up-close and personal time on a different occasion discussing the relationship between entrepreneurship and US politics taking a closer look at the so-called Innovation agenda.