mindashii --

Section 1; Me!}

●N A M E●

Manda {Birthname} Bei Aimei {Chinese} Bae Min Da {Korean} Obana Michiyo {Japanese}

●A G E●


●B I R T H D AY●


●N A T I O N A L I T Y●


●L A N G U A G E S●

English »{obviously very fleunt}

Korean »{common phrases}

Section 2; My Husband!}

●Park Chanyeol●

It's kind of funny. When SM released the first EXO teaser, I didn't get excited. Actually, I promised myself that I wouldn't get into the EXO fandom. Teaser after teaser, I still watched them all. I'm not sure why I did if I didn't want to be in the EXO fandom, but whatever. Point is, I wasn't impressed. Until, a certain teaser staring the one and only happy virus Chanyeol, came out. Chanyeol was very different to me. I could tell he was tall; by the way the clothes fit him. But his face. It was too cute. And towards the end, when he smiled. It suprised me, his smile was so infectious and I fell in love with it. I was attached to Chanyeol from the start.

Fast forward to when 'What is Love' and 'History' came out. 'What is Love', the video, didn't impress me. It was just a combination of the teasers. But the song itself was lovely, I actually put it on my iPod and listened to it when I went to sleep. It was 'History', when I got to see Chanyeol again. I was so suprised; his voice. It was so deep. So unlike his appearance. And, seeing him standing next to the other members, I could see he really was tall. I loved that. He was like a tall, friendly, cute, and happy giant. I was falling deeper. Next came 'MAMA'. I loved that his power was fire; My zodiac sign is a Leo, and Leo's are related to fire. I've always liked fire out of all the other elements. His hair was crazy, but I still loved Chanyeol in the video. I was in, deep. I heard Chanyeol rap in 'Two Moons', and I was hypnotized by his voice. By then, I was convinced that Chanyeol was perfect. But, on tumblr, pictures of Chanyeol started popping up. Derpy ones, of his face. GIFS of his laugh, which I adore. One of his eyes squints smaller then the other.

I realized that Chanyeol had imperfections, but I didn't care. To me, he was perfect. He IS perfect. I love his smile. He shows all of his teeth, and it's infectious. I can't help but smile with him. His laugh, like I described before, I adore. He claps and spazzes, and I love it. His legs, I love. They're skinny and long, and I just love t