Thomas L. Holderfield

Poet and Writer in Manila, Philippines

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I lived in Northern Colorado from 1987 until December, 2015. Then I retired to the Philippine Islands where I write poetry and some prose. This is my passion and I am actively seeking to be published in print. I have posted many works on various websites and have had some re-published to others. I was recently published in the first issue of a new poetry publication, "In The Gesture Of Words" as well as in "Mad Swirl". You can find me on BlogSpot, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, etc. usually under the name "mindbringer". I contribute to a local zine called "mindbringer". I am a former Naval Officer with degrees in History, Philosophy, Classical Studies and Computer Information Systems/Computer Networking. I was born in Southern Illinois and have travelled and lived in many places in the United States as well as overseas, including 4 years in the Philippines courtesy of the U.S. Navy. I enjoy fishing, hiking, Tai Chi Chih, reading, chess, camping, history, philosophy, music of all kinds and classical studies. I used to greatly enjoy spending time in my large personal library. However, I had to give it all to my children upon my relocation. I now have a much, much smaller library in the Philippines but it has a great view of the street outside my house with a veranda attached. I consider myself a Trekkie and a Ringer and enjoy playing The Lord Of The Rings Online, Dragonage, Elder Scrolls Online, etc. I am a widower after being married to a Filipina for 31 years. I have four gifted adult children and one granddaughter with another one on the way. I welcome your efforts to connect with me!

  • Work
    • Poet
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
    • Bachelor of Arts (2 ea.) in Philosophy and History, minor in Classics