animator in Allentown, Pennsylvania


animator in Allentown, Pennsylvania

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I'm an animator whos animations and artstyles are heavily influnced by 80s cartoon shows, with a penchant for dark -Ralph Bakshi- type humor.. I tend to lean towards a harsh outline style that is based on traditional frame by frame animation while designed for todays media; such as mobile, web and games.
I am also an aspiring videographer, and have directed serveral short live action films.

I work in several mediums, 3D, stopmotion, tradional 2D and motion graphics, web-based and console video game art.

-Demo Reel coming Soon-

-Sprite Reel-

Game Sprite Reel

Latest endeavours:

"Seeing is beleiving" Official Music Video

"Family Tree" (2011 Project twenty1 short)

Download my Resumé (PDF)