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MindCron was founded to act as an interactive platform for entrepreneurs globally. The idea behind MindCron is to create an online platform to profiling the statups, entrepreneurial dream and make an interactive startup ecosystem around the globe. You can find the best articles related to Technology, innovative startups, Thoughts of entrepreneurs, Press release, corporate finance/funding and lots more. Our insight composition is mostly enjoyed by Entrepreneurs, Tech geeks, Young Leaders etc.

MindCron team is working closely to create an online question forum to support all kind of startup desires, which is named as startup's questionnaire.

Mindcron was founded by Mr. Sanjit Kumar Vimal- an alumni of National Institute of Technology, who is a techie and associated with technology for a decade.

The Vision: - "MindCron will be recognized and respected as a professional, innovative and knowledge based platform"

MindCron: - http://www.mindcron.com

MindCron's Questionnaire: - http://www.startupsqa.mindcron.com

Email :- info@mindcron.com