Mindfit Kids

Social Emotional Learning Educators in Excelsior, Minnesota

This summer we are pleased to offer Mindfit Summer Boot Camp! The Mindfit program aims to provide youth with the opportunity to learn and continue to develop healthy coping strategies and social skills to instill in youth a well-developed “tool box” of strategies they can call upon to help them deal effectively with the inevitable stresses of our modern daily lives. We combine a number of brain-based strategies from the field of positive psychology including: breathing strategies, practice in listening and paying attention, and yoga and other.

*New this summer* Our focus this session will be on getting “Back-to-School Ready!” Learn skills to help you manage test anxiety, deal with friendships, learn to follow group routines, get a good night’s sleep, and much more!

This program will be offered August 19-22 (Monday to Thursday)

Kelly and Mandy


Summer 2019 Registration link: https://forms.gle/vfsMUSi7jsquZgx1A