Charlène Lundgren

Textile artist in California

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Sometimes you reach a point in life when cannot ignore your innermost passions. I am at that point in my life. I am 54 years young! I have lived across 3 continents Africa, Europe and North America. I am an Artist, Mother, Wife, Animal Lover and Registered Nurse. My nest is empty but my heart is full.

I was born in the dark ages of South African Apartheid, where I lived before moving to Belgium. From there I traveled to Berlin, and London, before finally moving to beautiful California. My creative work is influenced by the vibrant African colors of my youth, which is in my soul and speaks to my very core, the elegance of my English /Swedish heritage, my training as a costume designer, and my growth as a human being.

I RECENTLY RESIGNED FROM MY CRITICAL CARE NURSING JOB., so a with a little trepidation on my part,. I believe there is work out there for me, where I can make a difference in a a more rewarding way. I resigned, because the reality of the cut throat nursing wold was no longer in sync with the compassionate way in which I v iew the world and people. I believe we should care for each other.

In the meantime, I will be taking classes, updating my skills, painting and sewing, taking care of my magnificent border collies, my two new kittens, my mother and my grown family I love to make things, anything - like needing air to breathe.

My creative journey took off more recently when I found myself with empty nest syndrome, and an ankle fracture while running with my gorgeous dogs on our venerable Mount Tamalpais. I decided to make one beautiful thing a day - and my ETSY shop was born. I called it Mindful Presents, a play on words, meant to explore the art of giving as a way of honoring the soul of the receiver.

I also have a new ETSY store: Please check out my lovable bears.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wonderful husband Alan, of 25 years, and two magnificent, smart Border Collies Jake and Gypsy. I am most proud of my lovely children Ander(24) who has a Radio show at www.107.7thebone on Saturdays 7 pm - Midnight Pacific Time, and Sandrena (22) a recent UC Berkeley graduate, independent soul, world traveler, heart of gold and truth seeker who has jsut been accepted into the Peace Corps. My children have been my greatest teachers of patience, understanding, compassion, empathy, LIFE,

  • Work
    • Artist and Owner of MindfulPresents
  • Education
    • Bachelors of Science in Nursing
    • Associates Degree in Theatre Arts
    • Motherhood-my best teacher
    • Associates Degree in Nursing