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Mind GYD is an online blog which helps users to get knowledge about technology & sharp their skills.

We cover topics like Wordpress, SEO, e-commerce, HTML and CSS which help to create your own blog and get ranked in Google search engine. We have a wide range of articles in SEO and wordpress, by reading them you can promote your own blog and website more effectively.

Our aim to help millions of bloggers who want to get success in blogging and want to earn money online through blogging and selling their products.

Apart from these, we have dedicated section for HTML, CSS and Javascript that will help Web Designers and Web Developers. We have seen usually designer and developers seek online platform to make their knowledge sharper and keep them updated.

Hosting is another topic which is covering on our blog. We thought hosting is the backbone of any online portal and blog. So if you want to get rank in Google and want to provide a seamless experience for your users then you will have to choose a good hosting provider.

If your website is slow then probably you are losing the massive part of users. So you need to change your hosting immediately.