Mind Healing Miracles

Mind Healing Miracles is led by Peter Copani, a writer and health consultant with over four decades of experience advising clients on healing. Accessible online at www.mindhealingmiracles.com, the program is committed to aiding clients in their quest to optimize personal health through the use of Visionizing, a process that developed out of Copani’s systemic research nearly 40 years ago. According to the Visionizing framework, there are five types of visions, which are inspiration, revelation, neglect, desperation, and perseverance, each with a distinct purpose. Mind Healing Miracles shepherds clients through the process of understanding and imprinting visions to increase awareness and self-actualization.

Dedicated to sharing his knowledge with a broad audience, Copani published Make Miracles Happen, which documents the author’s experience and is highlighted on the program’s website. The program founder is certified as a Hippocrates Health Educator and has received broad recognition for his efforts to promote the health of others. Visitors to the Mind Healing Miracles homepage will find recorded lectures available for download, such as “Individualizing the Processes of Making Miracles Happen for You” and “Listen & Learn Integrating Life-Transforming Lessons.” Through the website, clients may access literature, education, and training on a range of topics, including healing and miracles, overcoming adversity, and achieving optimal health.