Mindi Sudeta

Lake Havasu City, AZ

I'm an 19 year old girl living in the world. My country is United States of America. I was born in California, but moved to Arizona when I was two. I didn't have a lot of friends growing up, and I prefer to only have a few other friend aside from my family. My family is huge and loud. We are all involved in each others lives. My family means the more to me than anything in the world. Without them I wouldn't even exist. I really really love music. I'm into really any kind but my very favorite is rock and radio pop. I'd say im about 50% fake. And by that I mean, I wear hair extensions, fake nails, false eye lashes, make-up, cloths and jewelry. At the current moment in time I have 13 body modifications. I'm in love with tattoos, completely addicted. Although I only have three. Money is pretty tight now days. I don't regret anything I've ever done because if I didn't do those things then I wouldn't end up where I am today. I am not a partyer but I do like to party from time to time. I have been drunk and I have experimented with drugs. But those aren't mistakes. I personally don't believe anyone can make a mistake. I believe that people only grow. And so far I'd say I've grown up great. I have an amazing support system. I've been told that I'm very wise for my age. I've been hurt in the past and I think that it has made be a stronger person and a better person because I no what its like to not be wanted. And that it something I would never wish upon someone else. I'm not going to talk about my past or answer any questions about it because its not important anymore. Moving forward is. I have goals and plans and dream that I ope to achieve in this life. I do have faith. I think and believe whole heartily that there is life after death. I believe this because what would be the point of living and learning just to die for nothing. I don't care about others opinions. I try really hard to love more then dislike. I'm pretty sure I don't hate anyone, or anything. Most of the time I'm by myself so I spend a lot of time thinking.

My favorite color is blue

My favorite song is Iris by The Goo Goo dolls.

My favorite store is Kmart or online.

My favorite animal is a cat.

My favorite youtuber is Bobby Mares.

My Father died when I was 15.

I have four sisters and no brothers.

I was born on January 2, 1994 at 10:25 pm