Karl Mamer

Karl currently lives in Toronto and works as a Director of Communications and Social CRM guru for BlueCamroo Inc. BlueCamroo is your complete all-in-one package. With web CRM, Projects, Billing, Email Marketing and more all under one roof, there is no need for anything else!

In his spare time he hosts two podcasts: 1) The Conspiracy Skeptic 2) Seoul Survivors.

Karl is an occasional contributor to The Long Run Blog, a blog about skepticism and finance/money.

From 2000-2003, Karl worked for a dot.com in Seattle that once had a bigger market value than the combined GDP of any three Central African nations you care to mention. Before the NASDAQ crashed, he was a paper dot.com millionaire. From 2003 to 2008 Karl taught English in Seoul, South Korea. He wanted to take a little break from the computer world after the dot.com implosion. Karl eventually got his fill of Asia, rice, and banana milk and returned to his previous career.

Previous to his dot.com experience, Karl was a computer entertainment columnist for a major Canadian daily newspaper and authored four non-fiction books about the Internet. He's written for the CBC, Toronto's Eye Magazine, and the Washington Post Syndicate.