Mindy Frane Abad

Hi I'm Mindy Frane Abad 18 years been existing in this world.

A Marketing and Advertising Student in De la Salle University-Dasma

I love to eat,but the food don't love me because i'm so thin not so much thin but not so much fat i'm in the middle,and also i love to cook that is my first love it is my passion before i became a student of marketing and advertsing management.

And i love to listen to the music becuase it makes me feel so great,and i can just listen to the music all day because i just love music.

I'm a outgoing person i just love exploring anything and go somewhere where i like.

Also i Watching Movies i just love that and also a hollywood movies i often watched international movies i'm not a fan of local movies but sometimes if i feel to watch local movies i watched some of local movies.