Minecraft Architects, LLC

We are a group of skilled, dedicated Minecraft architects. We will build you amazing structures for a reasonable rate.

Services we offer:

Huge buildings. Skyscrapers, churches, stadiums, Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter structures.

Glass works and lighting. Glowstone installations and glass structure. Recessed lighting, and torch chandeliers.

Water and Lava works. Fountains, pipes, waterfalls.

Redstone circuits, diodes, hidden wire runs, trap doors, dispensers, and any cool toy you can think of. Pistons coming soon.

We do all of this for a very reasonable $75 per hour (plus a $10 per hour surcharge for Redstone work).
Email us to get the process started! We will provide references, CV, a portfolio, and can even provide an in game walking tour of some of our best work!
Thanks for reading.