minecraft free

Minecraft Free! Seriously?

http://www.formspring.me/minecraftforfre is where I get all my social networking done with.

I play Minecraft all the time. I love it. Its a great way to pass the time if I don't have anything else to do!

I love how the game has so many different MOD features. I can literally make so many cool different things thanks to hackers and modders. I'm also able to get new worlds and new environments that I normally wouldn't have had. Like there is that one world that is all Lava and volcanoes. And then the jungles and the lush forests... I love them all!

With a little more work, I can also start crafting really different things.

Playing Minecraft for free is an even better way that I spend my time. Its XOXO I love it so much. Come join me on Minecraft.net or any other Minecraft server. We can play online and build stuff together. We can mine and build and then destroy!