nathan aw

Software Engineer and Consultant in Singapore

nathan aw

Software Engineer and Consultant in Singapore

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Sojourner and pilgrim

Hopelessly addicted to blue skies, solitude, the transcendental, long walks and hot Americanos. And philosophy.

Writes lousy poems and haikus too.

Selected Works:

"Decentralized Identity - What Lies Ahead of Us: The Open (Interesting) Research Issues"

"Byzantine Agreement Protocols for Large-Scale Decentralized Identity Management"

"Applications for Quantum Information Network: Promising Use Cases and its Profound Implications on Existing Internet Applications"

Securing the Multi-cloud, Portable, *-TierMicroservice Application: A live demo onCloud-Native Application Security Platforms:Curiefense, Deepfense, Sysdig, Snyk Code, andAqua Security Trivy & tfsec

Deconstructing the Solarwinds SupplyChain Attack and Deterring it: Honing inon the Golden SAML Attack Technique

How Secure are you APIs?”Securing your APIs: OWASPAPI Top 10 2019, CaseStudy and Demo

Microservices Security, ContainerRuntime Security, MITRE ATT&CK®for Kubernetes (K8S) and ServiceMesh for Security