Minuit De Lacroix

Musician and Actor in Tijuana, Mexico

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Mexican Madrilenian, citizen of the world. Nomad heart.

Singer-songwriter; composer for contemporary dance, film and theatre.

Electronic music producer, digital audio editor and mixed media artist.

As an actor, I’ve recorded my voice for multiple projects and have participated as a supporting actor in various films including a significant role as the mysterious French Lieutenant in Peter Weir's major motion picture "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World".

In November 2006, I was a part of "SCORE.edu, the First European Forum for Music Education in Film, TV & Digital Media", at the International Centre for Culture & Management in Salzburg (Austria).

During the past twelve years in Europe, I've designed sound for numerous videos plus art installations and scored various independent short and feature films.

Since 2010, I've been traveling to several cities in Europe, Mexico and USA to present my live minimal techno project simply called MDL.
Most recently, also to Tbilisi, Georgia, at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

During this time, I've developed and imparted a basic tutorial in Belgium, France, Germany and Hungary, for young and young at heart music enthusiasts, entitled: "Analogue synthesizers and music sequencers 101".
For Mexico and Spain, I called it: "Las ondas sonoras" (The sound waves).

This workshop covers the fundamentals of sound theory and electronic music hardware operation with practical terms that can be understood by entry level users through careful and clear presentation of the synthesizer functions that shape sound waves. It also provides the basic information for operating any electronic music sequencer and offers one-on-one hands-on supervision.

As both a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, I’ve led the EBM / techno collective Into Ether since 1998; Formed out of a number of unstructured 'jam' sessions, Into Ether basically consists of a very loose approach to beat-oriented electronic music performance.
Our primary instrumentation has always been and always will be synthesizers.

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