Miqdaad Versi

Consultant and Director in London, United Kingdom

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Miqdaad Versi is an independent management consultant by profession, with business interests in property, travel and finance. He is currently the Financial Director of a wholesale travel company.

Miqdaad has worked in management consultancy and strategy independently (2 years), at the Royal Bank of Scotland (2 years) and at Oliver Wyman Financial Services (4 years).

His experience includes developing strategic insights and actionable business plans; quantitative modelling and financial analysis; and building relationships with key stakeholders and senior executives.

Miqdaad graduated with a First Class Honours degree from the University of Oxford.

He is also the Director for the Media Monitoring team for the Muslim Council of Britain, and one of their media spokespeople with numerous interviews including on the BBC News, BBC Newsnight, ITV, CNN, Sky News, BBC Arabic, The Times, The Guardian, AlJazeera English, the Independent and many others.

As part of his role, he monitors media reporting on Islam and Muslims, and was profiled on the BBC for his work (www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38655760)

He is also a contributor to opinion sections of the Guardian (CiF) and the Independent (Voices).

Other voluntary roles include:

- Member of Muslim Leadership Group for the Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life (initiated by Citizens UK)

- Co-ordinator of the Muslim Forum of Middlesex, an umbrella group for a range of Muslim institutions in Harrow aiming to encourage political participation;

- Executive committee member at SICM (Mahfil Ali): role includes inviting speakers, leading inter- and intrafaith projects, and external outreach

- Part of the project team for The Salaam Centre, an £8m construction project whose vision is to revolutionise community engagement through a holistic provision of services for the entire community

- Advisors to a range of charities and youth groups, former Chair of Ansar Youth Project and volunteer for the Muslim News and its annual Awards for Excellence, which have hosted Prime Ministers Blair, Brown and Cameron, as well as Prince Charles and many others.

He also has a passion in Islamic studies. Having studied Arabic and Islamic studies during his gap year abroad in Syria in 2007 and having been published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies and cited in a number of articles focussed on legal theory, he currently studies at an Islamic sem

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