Dr Miriam Eicher

Musician, Doctor, and Writer in Zürich, Schweiz

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"The finest emotion which we are capable of is the mystic emotion. Herein lies the germ of all art and all true science." (Excerpt from "My World-view". Essay by Albert Einstein, 1931)

Miriam has worked as an MD in Pain Therapy, Clinical Psychiatry, Public Global Health, Film Industry, as well as in Music and Sound as a Professional Violinist, Sound and Gong Practitioner, and Independent Researcher at the interface of both fields of music and health. As a transdisciplinary catalyst, she envisions a culture of consciousness and transformation for healthy lifestyle choices, community life, advancing global health literacy in music, sound, medicine, and health.

Since 2019 Dr. Eicher is proudly working as an SDG3-Expert Advisor for the U.N.-affiliated Impact Platform "World Health Innovation Summit" (WHIS) on the integration of transformational tools for global health and education, supporting the Sustainability Development Goals SDGs.

Dr. Eicher has been a creative artist, scientist, and mystic all her life. These passions entered her path from several career angles and they emerged relevant for the cross-sectoral quest for wisdom and systems in our society. Her aim is to unify knowledge and skills for new solutions in the growing complexity of our times through collaboration and research.

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  • Education
    • Harvard University
    • University of Zurich UZH
    • Medical University of Vienna
    • University of the Arts ZHDK
    • David Oistrakh Academy