Miriam Jones Bradley

Miriam is gifted to Affirm, Inspire, and Motivate children to be anything God wants them to be and adults to do the same, both for themselves and for the others in their lives. One way to do this is to think about and pass on your Legacy.

Miriam is originally from the Western and Plains states. Working as a nurse for the past twenty-seven years not only paid the bills and made use of her “caregiver” personality, but also has allowed her to use her gifts and education in Children’s Ministries, where she taught and led numerous programs. She has a heart for children of all ages and enjoys speaking to students about the writing process and working to help them do new things, take initiative, and have adventures as they grow. Through her writing, a mystery series for children ages 7 – 13, Miriam uses traditional stories that are also exciting and captivating for children, to illustrate the importance of family connections while establishing good Biblical and character truths.

Miriam also enjoys speaking to groups of adults, playing the piano, baking, and reading, especially mysteries.