Mischa Nachtigal

Bay Area, California

I like to tell stories and help others share their own (I share my writing under the name "Mischa Reuben"). I've worked in the tech and media worlds for the past five years. First for TED.com as a blogger and consultant in New York, then I moved west and worked for Twitter on the media team in San Francisco. Most recently I was a product manager for a year and a half at Upworthy.

Right now I'm freelancing as consultant for companies seeking help with product strategy, social media, and more. Feel free to email me (using the button above) if you're interested in working with me. I'm also the director of programming and a co-founder of San Francisco's Food + Farm Film Fest which has had over 3,000 attendees in two years and raised money for 18 Reasons, a Bay-area non-profit.

Some factoids about me: I grew up in Costa Rica, studied literature and writing, and a horse once fell on me when I was seven.

  • Education
    • Bard College