Mischa Armada

Founder, Digital nomad, and Product Marketing in Los Angeles, California

Mischa Armada

Founder, Digital nomad, and Product Marketing in Los Angeles, California

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Hi -- My name is Mischa Armada.

I'm co-founder of StayAwhile, a private club for travelers providing stylish hotel stays in 60+ most sought after destinations around the world, for one flat rate.

I recently came back to L.A. after a year traveling and working remotely in SE Asia.

I had makeshift offices overlooking lush jungles, spectacular beaches with sand like sugar, and cafes made of bamboo operating from a hotspot across the Philippines, Thailand, Bali, and Singapore.

In this time, I learned how to drive a motorbike on the opposite side of the road, danced like I was having an exorcism at a Balinese wedding of people I met that day, and essentially had many, many FIRSTS. The only kind of firsts you have when you travel.

Prior to my life on the road less traveled, I was a strategic marketing and growth advisor, specializing in early-stage ventures and startups.

I develop and launch strategically integrated marketing campaigns that help businesses get to product market fit, develop, and grow at scale.

Through judicious research, collaboration with IT, testing, and identifying target consumers with data to support, I translate the needs/behaviors of target audiences and help organizations shape the best possible customer journey that not only provides solutions, but enhances the experience entirely across all touch points, both online and offline.

A data-driven tech nomad with a fervor for compelling storytelling and travel, I thrive at the intersection of technology, innovation, airports, and emerging markets.

Fueled by OCD, ADD, copious amounts of caffeine, and insatiable curiosity, I believe in dreaming big, building for long-term, being proactive vs. reactive, making it happen, and near life experiences.

Now in between L.A., New York, and Asia, I am elated to introduce StayAwhile to fellow travelers and eager to see how we could be part of their journeys.

StayAwhile is currently in beta and will be released January 2017.

Become a founding member and get going: www.stay-awhile.com

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