Melissa "Missy" Hood

Public Speaker in Austin, Texas

Melissa "Missy" Hood

Public Speaker in Austin, Texas

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From the Backcover of her new book:

We're Not Stupid We Just Learn Differently!!! "Memoirs of An ADHD Mind" takes the reader on the wild roller coaster ride of what it is like for those who struggle with ADD/ADHD. Having lost 40 jobs in 15 years (due to the ADHD condition) Missy Hood's journey has been one of heartbreaking determination, endurance & resilience!

From My heart:

I never knew that something/a condition that has baffled me most of my life would turn into a blessing to hopefully help many.

ADHD has cost me much in my life but has also taught me MUCH about myself. I knew when the ADHD condition was at its height, that there just HAD to be a way to overcome. I was losing job after job because of the way that I learned (lost 40 jobs in 15 years because of the condition). Until I had finally had enough and set a course to overcome! I was determined to overcome and move into the dreams I longed for so much that I almost got hyper focused on the condition and forgot how to just enjoy life. Phenomenons can cause us to do that when we don't understand whats going on with/in/and around us at times. As I moved through my Master's Program (which teachers told me I could NEVER achieve because of the severity of the ADHD condition on my life) I stared learning what was behind the condition.


Ever heard of that? Fragmentation occurs when the mind has been so overloaded with deep hurts and stress that it can't perform. Fragmentation also affects students with Asperger's, & Autism and can cause the brain to move deeper into Fragmentation causing PTSD. THIS is what my Dissertation is all about in hopes to help the disabilities world teach these kids to overcome. BUT! We can't just utilize worldly tools to overcome some things in life. Sometimes we need a power greater than ourselves to help move past the deep deep sorrows, traumas of life, past the bitterness and anger of betrayal, or deep losses to move into destiny. Sometimes we need Jesus and that requires us to submit to His ways and methods of healing.

I fought this so hard in my life because I had NO intention of becoming "Joe Super Christian"- I had plans! I was going to Hollywood, and He let me. He broke me into film/TV as a costuming designer for 10 years, while designing live production on the side for 28 years. Great career but I was still SEVERELY struggling AND STILL angry.

So I ran to Christ for help in attaining the needed wi

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