I'm obsessed with Sound. listen to misterinterrupt

I attended Massachusetts College of Art, Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM). I've done film scoring for various artist friends, video game music and sound effects for CloudKid.com. At times I have also made flash video games and machinima with the Torque Engine.

I have worked professionally on LAMP + JS since 2006. I dove into node in 2011 when I started as an engineer at BandPage.com which is a sort of CMS app made of a lot of javascript. Most of my experience on the web is with CMS-type-apps and APIs. I used to do flash stuff, but have allowed the knowledge to seep out while doing headstands.

If you are looking for electronic music tutorials or to have custom sound tools built, please contact ruinmechanic at gmail.

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    • Massachusetts College of Art
    • Studio for Interrelated Media