Mistress Isa

North Carolina

Things I Believe

"Do Me" is not a petition. If my time and attention have no value, why would you want to serve me?

I feel any dominant, financial or otherwise, serves as a protector, teacher, and mentor to those who serve us.

Who I Am

About Me
I am a real-time, sadistic mistress. I am seeking masochistic submissives and slaves interested in serving me in all ways. I enjoy financial domination in addition to physical and mental domination. I will consider real-time and online service.

I feel I need to explain what part being a FemDom and a FinDom plays in my interactions with servants.

I am, first and foremost, a sadist. I want you to want to suffer for me. I want to inflict pain in all its permutations on your willing and ready mind and body. If we are in a dungeon, I want to play until you cry. If we are online, I want to humiliate and deny you until I get what I want out of the encounter.

Power Exchange means that both the dominant and the submissive are getting what they need from the relationship. The needs and desires of both parties are negotiated at the onset of the relationship. As a FinDom (Financial Domme), the negotiations with certain servants include financial input from the servant. It is not an exchange of money for sex or even money for BDSM activities. It is, instead, the offer of something tangible from the servant given in appreciation for the intangible domination offered by the dominant.

I do not demand tribute. I may request a simple service (such as completing my application to serve) to gauge your willingness to be of service and to be obedient. If we decide we are going to engage in any type of financial domination, we will negotiate it and those actions tied to the financial domination will be the servant's responsibility to remember and to perform.

If you have an interest in getting to know me please consider the following:
1. If you are close enough to be local to me, I will expect to meet in person if you indicate an interest in real-time service. I will not spend months emailing back and forth if you're local and you say you want to serve in real-time.

  • Work
    • Professional Dominatrix
  • Education
    • Master's Degree