Misty Wuori

As a Marketing and Social Media Consultant, I leverage my 14 years of
Business Development expertise to assist those in the creative fields, professionals, and local business owners.

I’ve established a well recognized online presence through my flair for
social networking and branding. I'm experienced in aspects of Emerging Media, Online Visibility, SEO and Local Search.

Hire Me on an independent or contract basis. My services include social media campaigns, website content management, branding, and copywriting. Current with small business trends, I can assist in online reputation management and visibility, as well as with enhanced SEO strategies and local search results. Additionally, I am available for consultation and training.

At this time, I’m working with Artsee Magazine, in addition to consulting and freelance writing.

~ Happy, Positive, embracing my Ness ~ in my free time, I’m fond of blogging, writing, photography, nature, hiking, and sunsets. Proud mom to my rescue dogs & cat, I promote animal adoption and wildlife conservation.

Wanna know more? ::: MistyWuori.com

☼ Live Green and Prosper ☼