Mitch Garvis

Oakville, ON

To look at Mitch Garvis you might think he was simply the Virtualization Czar... he spends so much time discussing and implementing virtualization and private cloud environments that it would be an honest mistake. However over the years he has tackled Active Directory, Office 365, Windows Intune, System Center, Desktop Deployment and much more. He is a Renaissance Man of the IT World, and he loves what he does.

Just off a stint as a Virtual Technology Evangelist with Microsoft Canada, he is now out in the field again, architecting a virtualization solution in Tokyo, Japan. Watch his blog for articles on technology, career advice, and the best sushi vending machines in town!

Mitch is married with a wife, two kids, two dogs, and no time to himself. While he chiefly resides in hotels, his mail is delivered to Oakville, Ontario.

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