Mitch Semel

Executive Producer, Board Member, and Speaker in New York

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I design, build, launch, and manage new TV shows, networks, apps, and platforms.

Currently I'm speaking at live events about #FakeNews, helping build a media literacy academy for the Republic of Georgia's National Communications Commission, and advising on live video strategy.

I’ve worked for or with CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, National Geographic, Comedy Central, TIME, HuffPost, Tribune Publishing, The Onion, AccuWeather, Virgin Mobile, the US Department of Defense, Bill Maher, D.L Hughley, Howard Stern, Gayle King, Conan O’Brien, David Letterman, and Katie Couric.

I also advise media and tech companies and military and government agencies, serve on boards of directors, teach graduate media studies, and speak at various conferences and events. I’m an avid pilot and love any content relating to aviation and space.

Agent: estahler [at] kaplanstahler [dot] com

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