Mitch Yellen

Los Angeles, CA

Mitchell Yellen

Mitchell Yellen is an investment banker and financial planner whose faith and integrity has led to success both in his professional pursuits and his marriage and family. At a young age, Mitchell decided to drop out of High School to pursue his lifelong goal of becoming an actor in Hollywood. While in Hollywood, Yellen had an encounter with the Lord and devoted his life to Christ. Shortly after that, he met his wife, Windsor, who was also an actor; together, they decided to move to Northern California and start a family.

In Northern California, Yellen worked for 13 years as a money manager for Park Avenue Securities and became disillusioned with the ineffective and misguided practices of traditional financial planning. He walked away from a lucrative contract and moved with his family to Colorado where he pursued building businesses and offering financial planning centered on a more trustworthy and reliable financial ethos based on the concept of being your own private bank.

Today, Yellen is involved with numerous business and investment opportunities and continues to teach others about the importance of sound financial planning with the aid of his 28 years of experience. His efforts include his close involvement with the Personal Equity Institute, where the light of Christ is reflected in results and character rather than used as a selling point. Yellen is also the owner and CEO of Pinery Enterprises, LLC., which operates a growing line of high-class, all-inclusive wedding and events centers. Yellen’s business expertise and strong character have been recognized by his many clients and colleagues, including legendary singer, songwriter and author Pat Boone and fellow CEOs Sam Kimbriel and Brian Bahr.