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I am a web developer at Web Developer & SEO Specialist currently living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. My interests range from fitness to photography. I am also interested in music, volunteering, and dogs.

Search engine optimization (SEO), if simply say, website ranking is not an easy

task today. The complexity of the search engine optimization increases day by
day. Because of, spread of web pages and web users. Not only this natural
increasing of web sites and web pages affects the difficulty of web site ranking.
Google’s new ranking and indexing methods also affected to that complexity.
However, it will become more complex than today in the year 2020 as well. So,
you must get to know about new SEO methods and indexing methods as well.

Why ranking difficult in today than before

Number of internet users and the number of web pages on the internet increase
day by day. When it spreads, ranking on search results is become more difficult
than before. Not only this spread of users and pages affect to that difficulty.
Google’s new ranking and indexing methods also affect to it. Google trying to give
the best of them to their users. If your web page and it's content id friendly to the
Google’s new ranking and indexing methods, your position on search results is

Old methods with new methods

As on past, good content, using lots of backlinks, exact match domains, using any
applicable keyword are not enough to applicate nowadays competition. But don’t
misunderstand as, above old tips must ignore. It means, we have to continue with
extra SEO methods with old methods. Sometimes, you may have to ignore old
methods. But, generally, continue with both old and new methods will apply to
the ranking of your page. So, you have to get know about how to optimize your
pages to nowadays conditions.

Follow these new SEO methods and find seo specialist in sri lanka

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