Mary-Josee Barrelet

digital marketer and b2B Copywriting Consultant in Montreal, Québec, Canada

Mary-Josee Barrelet

digital marketer and b2B Copywriting Consultant in Montreal, Québec, Canada

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Welcome to my page! I look forward to meeting you.

Web Copywriter & Digital Marketer

As to my background, I am a university graduate in Architecture and Urban Studies. Having worked many years in engineering consulting firms, I have a good knowledge within the technical field.

But I was always an entrepreneur at heart. Now in marketing, leveraging the power of the web is just good practice these days. And this is where you may need my help.

Looking to Start Your Own Business?

The web has lots of possibilities that will cater to any of your needs. Have you ever thought of Digital Marketing? Although it may feel intimidating to you, don't feel overwhelmed for I can help you. There is a sea of opportunities out there, just waiting for you! So what are you waiting for? Just let me know and I’ll help you start your online business for Free!

This is how I created one of my blogs "Your Guide in Choosing Exclusive Watches for Women"; you may see it here:

But don't wait, you can start realizing your dream now too, by doing these free mini-courses:


If You Already Have A Business…

Attracting targeted customers is vital to your business success. Find out how these 6 simple marketing strategies can help you today:


I know that converting your potential clients into buyers is not an easy task. This is where content comes in. But not any have to know what magnetic words to use and where to place them to get the most 'punch'.

A B2B web copywriter and marketing specialist like myself can help your business be more profitable. Creating great content will grab your prospects attention and connects with their emotional needs.

Rewriting your web page or creating a landing page that is persuasive will maximize your conversions.

I'll help you with:

• finding solutions to your clients' problems

• creating crystal clear message

• introducing persuasive content

Let me help you... Contact me now!

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    • Concordia University Montreal, BA Architecture & Urban Studies