Michael Eaton

Software Developer and Leader in Ohio

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I am a software developer, leader, and speaker. I have almost 30 years of experience as a software developer, primarily in the Microsoft ecosystem.

I spent 14 years as an independent consultant, working with clients all over the United States. Since leaving independence in 2014, I have held a variety of roles from Sr. Software Engineer to Team Leader to Director of Engineering. Currently, I am a Principal Consultant for Improving in Ohio.

I have spoken all over the United States at conferences large and small on a variety of topics including XAML/WPF, leadership, emotional intelligence, and remote working.

I'm a strong believer in Test Driven Design, Continuous Integration, and incremental delivery to ensure my customers and employers get high-quality, robust solutions that are easy to maintain.

Regardless of my role in an organization, mentoring other developers is something I look forward to. I enjoy leading software development teams as well as playing the role of Senior Developer.