Martin Newham

Writer and Photographer in England, United Kingdom

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From a young age I've always thought of myself as being creative. Through school I found myself desperately trying to find an outlet for the lights and brilliance that was trapped.

It wasn't until relatively recently that I discovered my love of photography. I took a number of courses and tutors often commented that I had "a good eye". It's difficult to put what that meant into words, but I could only explain it as 'seeing' the opportunity for a good picture rather that purposely creating the frame. Needless to say, I think people enjoy them and I've had some success in selling some prints.

Enjoying every moment with my camera, I still felt there was more to be discovered. Through pure chance, I discovered the channel that gave me the most stratification and that was writing.

I've enjoyed technical writing for a number of years; discovering processes, methods and techniques, then producing them in a format that was easy to follow and digest. My real enthusiasm came from creative writing. I attended a number of courses, again the tutors could see something in my writing and commented on my diversity and dark humor. I'd found something that satisfied my need, the creativity had finally discovered an outlet.

I've written a lot of short fiction stories, mainly in the Young Adult and the emerging New Adult genres, all is very satisfying.

More recently I've been writing for TripAdvisor with over 65,000 readers/subscribers.

Through the past year I've been honored to support a number of registered charities focusing on animal welfare and conservation as well aiding with the continued support of historic landmarks.

Charities I actively support:

Monkey Haven

Dimbola Museum & Gallery

Isle of Wight Steam Railway

Bristol Zoo & Wild Places

Brunel Institute & ss Great Britain

Swanwick Writing School (TopWrite)