Entrepreneur, Hacker, and Otaku in 東京都, 日本


Entrepreneur, Hacker, and Otaku in 東京都, 日本

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- Co-Founder and COO of SIVIRA Inc.
- Founder and CEO of Hulor Capital Inc.
- Founder of BitBiteCoin.com

After encountering my first Macintosh computer at home when I was a kid, I learned the joy of creating through a computer. Right after that, I was strongly influenced by a tv program on Marc Andreessen's Netscape-driven internet revolution.

As a middle-schooler, I visited the US for the first time and encountered the phenomenon that would later be termed the dot-com bubble. This was when I decided to pursue a career in the tech industry.

Back in Japan, I devoted myself to software development. After tasting initial success by creating a mobile website, I founded my first startup at the age of nineteen. Since then, I have been involved in numerous internet-based startups in fields including mobile applications, cloud hosting, IoT semiconductors, and have founded companies in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the US.

I was profoundly impressed by efforts to develop a decentralized society through the emergence of Bitcoin, and have focused my work on Bitcoin and Blockchain ever since. Then I founded the Bitcoin news website BitBiteCoin.com in 2013 and am currently a co-administrator of Bitcoin.com. Furthermore, I founded a cryptocurrency focused startup studio called Hulor Capitol Inc.

In 2015, I co-founded SIVIRA Inc., which provides a software platform based on blockchain for the IoT market.

On a different note, as a person who shuttles frequently between Tokyo, Osaka and US, I am a permanent Airbnb resident. I am also the author of a number of popular blog articles concerning the Evangelion anime series.

I'm blogging at here: iAm Hiro SHINOHARA.

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ブログと日本語でのプロフィールは、iAm 篠原 裕幸をご覧ください。

シビラ株式会社の共同創業者です。ビットコインに携わる人の想いを伝えるメディアBitBiteCoin.com も運営しています。また、ビットコイン・ブロックチェーンを通じて、投資・技術・国際ビジネス・ブランディングを各分野の専門家から学べる、有料のオンラインコミュティー