MMA Champ HQ

At the website of MMA Champ HQ you can find a wide range of traditional hanging bags, free standing punching bags and Muay Thai bags from top punching bags companies like Everlast, Century, Title, Ringside, UFC and more.

If you are a male adult looking for some serious practice and indulge in one of these...
Practice martial arts training
Practice serious fighting
Training for competitions
Train for intense workout can go for one of our hanging bags, free standing bags or Muay Thai bags.

Hanging Bags: These are the traditional bags hung from the ceiling.
Free standing bags: These bags are free standing and portable.
Muay Thai Bags: These are heavier versions of the traditional hanging bag suitable for leg strikes.

If you are not a male adult looking for a heavy bag, then you can go for either of these Kids punching bags or Pink Punching bags.

Kids Punching bags:
Kid Kick Wavemaster - These are great for kids who are just starting martial arts or for those who have been practicing it since a while.
UFC Youth Training Bag Set - The UFC youth kit is the perfect choice if you are on a budget and need a decent quality bag to practice with.
Century Versys Youth Training Bag - This is helpful if your kid wants to practice different strikes and want to try some kicks as well.
Everlast 4004 - This brand is known for its high quality product. Although it is not necessarily designed for kids, its light weight makes it popular among the kids.

Thus, martial arts is for all - kids, men & women. You need to choose the right bag though! You can do it at MMA Champ HQ, but be sure to check more details on punching bags and martial arts on this website or this site here.