Modesto Flores

Las Vegas

My personal Mission Statement is how I Rule my personal and business life...... Succeed at home first; seek and merit divine help. Never compromise with honesty. Hear both sides before judging, obtain counsel of others, defend those who are absent. Be sincere yet desisive. Develop one New Proficiency per year, plan tomorrow's work today, hustle while you wait. Maintain a positive attitude, keep a sense of humor, be orderly in person and in work!! DO NOT fear mistakes, fear only the absence of creative, constructive and corrective responses to those mistakes. Facilitate the success of subordinates, listen twice as much as you speak. Concentrate all abilities and efforts of the task at hand not worrying about the next task, job or promotion. I will be a self starting individual who excersises initiative in accomplishing my life's goals. I will seek financial independence over time. My wants will be subject to my needs and my means. Besides my home and luxury cars I will do my best to keep my self from consumer debt. I will spend less than I earn and regularly save or invest part of my income. Finally become a greater being and person to attend to the needs of others around me. I will make my study a career!! My family the driving force and my work will become what I love!! Moe Flores, Father, Son, Grandson, Teacher, CEO/President

  • Work
    • Ensurity Group Inc
  • Education
    • Degree in Business
    • Life and Health License
    • Property & Casualty License