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Modular homes are built in a factory, transported to your lot, and assembled on-site. That process saves you time and money over building a traditional home. There are no weather delays for construction, because the home is built indoors. The climate is controlled, so you do not have to worry about excess moisture corrupting seals or insulation. You do not have to be concerned about the effects of the rain on the building materials during the build. If you live in a remote area, a modular homes builder can transport the home components to your site, easier than a traditional contractor can transport equipment, materials, and scaffolding.

Mcgrath Homes has over 50 years of experience in customizing and building modular homes. An experienced company can help with the financing of your modular home. Lower cost is another benefit of a modular home, but financing can be a bit more difficult to get approved. Some mortgage brokers do not understand the payment schedules needed to meet the shorter time frame is takes to build a modular home. Some builders refer you to lenders who are familiar with the time constraints. A modular home takes less time to build, which is another benefit. You can have your new home completed in about five months.

You have greater flexibility with a modular home, compared to a traditional home. You have several models from which to choose, or the home can be totally custom designed for you. Models of floor plans include small, one bedroom homes, or elaborate two and three story homes with several bedrooms. There is something to suit every need and want. Most designs come in three different styles. Traditional, contemporary, and modern versions are available for each one of over 20 designs. Go to affordable modular house to view some examples. Installation is quick and easy, and modular homes tend to be more energy efficient.

Your home can stand on a full foundation, or a concrete slab. Builders, like Mcgrath Homes, for example, can go through the pros and cons of each option with you. A slab will cost less than a foundation, but you will not have a basement. A foundation can offer a basement, but can also be made more shallow to offer superior insulation. That will cut down on utility costs. Other factors include the l