Moggs Oceanlane

I am a global citizen, who participates in physical and online communities. At times I appear in human form and at times as an avatar. I'm an information junkie enthralled by many things.

I love diversity. I love watching people. I love hearing what people think. My energy levels increase when I'm engaged in lively conversations and debates. I love learning, ideas, people, choice, animals and nice surprises. I love a good story and if someone has one to tell, I make a good audience. I love silly and whimsical things... and I love moments of serenity and seriousness.

I believe strongly in the right to choose, the right to free thought/speech and the right to privacy - and I don't think these are conflicting beliefs.

For those who want to stick a label on me (don't blame me if I don't nicely fit in the box you've created) - I am:
- Australian (mixed with Welsh, English, French)
- ENFJ - according an Internet test (everything you read on the web is true!)
- Country born, city living
- The eldest of three girls

I started life as a twinkle in my parents eye and ran before I could walk. RL Birthday 12 August

I first visited SL in 2005 and didn't last due to technology. In 2007 I returned as Moggs. I use the same avatar name in a number of virtual worlds. SL Rez Day September 10.