Mohamed Osman

Principal Software Engineer in Ringoes, NJ

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Mohamed Osman is a man on the go. He is not only the CEO of a great technology business but also a spouse and father of two children. Osman and his wife are currently focusing on selecting the proper college or university for their children as they grow older and prepare for college. Given the numerous options and complexities of higher education, Osman recognizes the same struggle every parent faces in providing the finest educational preparation for their children.

For the next decade or so, Osman plans to be involved with his job and family while also working to establish new ways of engaging online and using digital technologies. Osman understands that the mobile and internet worlds are booming with innovations and development and that a scalable environment is necessary for that growth to continue as it increases tremendously. Mohamed Osman is a man who always appears to be moving forward, which explains why he has been so successful in both his personal and professional life.