Mohammad Abuawwad

Director and Consultant in Palestine

Call 00971502755145

Mohammed Abuawwad is an experienced International business development consultant based in UAE-Dubai, with over fifteen years of experience working in multinational companies helping companies to export to new markets, across China, the United States, Africa, and equally the Middle East. He has a proven track record of achieving and managing goals, strategies, future plans, and has a strong ability to build a solid organization to ensure the sustainability of growth correspondingly profit for the companies he works with.

As a matter of fact, he worked with many companies and organizations and helped them to enter the GCC and Levant markets with their products and services. Particularly, Mohammad helped them from initial step in the hope that to closing deals with local partners.

Even more, Mohammed has a range of professional skills, including negotiation, business planning, analytical skills, strategic planning, as well as business process improvement. Although, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Business Administration from Palestine Polytechnic University.

All things considered, not only that Mohammed highly proficient in the art of negotiation, as has been noted he is also identically skilled in business planning, analytical thinking, strategic planning, as well as business process improvement.