Mohammad Al Samman

Student in San Antonio, Texas

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Hi, I’m Mohammad. I’m a student living in San Antonio, Texas with my sister in a Condo. so my story is that i was born in Syria i lived there for two years then my family decided to move to SaudiArabia because my father got a job there we lived there for 14 years then for the same reason we moved to Dubai . so why I came to TX San Antonio i have been here since two months i came to here to finish my last year in high school so i get an american high school degree so i can join the college and the university easily. lets talk about my family i have two younger brothers and one older sister she is in the college my father is an Orthodontist and my mother is an Architect . I am a fan of fitness,like body building weight lifting and cross fit travel, i love traveling i went to many countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Kuwait, Dubai, SaudiArabia, Minnesota, Chicago, and definitely Syria. in my free time i love to watch movies like action movies, drama movies, and mystery movies. so this is me Mohammad Alsamman i hope that you like me :) . You can view my photos with a click on the button above.