Mohammad Fajrin


What are you? .... i hope it's not a coincidence for you to see my page

Well then heloooo world, since youve clicked something that directing you here im gonna told you something about my self, yeah i was destined to be born at Cicalengka, Feb 6th '93, i was recently graduated from Bogor Agricultural University Majoring Computer Engineering. If u guys have a problem with your computer or a problem based on computer you should call me at my twitter or facebook, maybe i could handle that one. (Professional one). I have a job as a Probationary Civil Servant in Bandung Municipality at Department of Communication and Information.

So guys i have another description, this is me as myself on my social group, mostly i'm not going to brag something, i dont quite like to be on pedestal, i tried to be honest and show who is me, and not pretend to be who i'm not. i mean yeah they have right for show something up so i don't really care about what they are up to. i just live my life beyond my capability, to conquer my fear, and love the way i thought. life is hard, its harder if you aint make it easier. My life are not as good as Richie Rich or as bad as Hachi (bee's anime from japan) i just a bit normal guy who like to hanging around (but never got a friend to accompany with), and then i love to remember the proverb from every country or philosopher which is something for me to gain an extra energy, i got lot of proverb from simulation game such as rome, syd meier, or i search by his name, but mostly i found from the proverb website. so what else? just ask me by my twitter then, see ya!

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