Mohammad Huzaifa

Student, Web Developer, and Software Engineer in Karachi, Pakistan

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I am a highly skilled Web Developer/Designer, Certified Data Analyst, Certified Artificial Intelligence (Deep learning with keras) Developer & also chatbot developer at Dialogflow.

Running some startups, companies like

Hazdor( Hazdor designs and develops custom chatbots. Chatbots are lightweight apps delivered via messaging, with or without AI (artificial intelligence) Popular platforms for bots include WeChat, LINE, Skype, Twitter, Viber, SMS, Telegram, Kik and Facebook Messenger).

Accomplished Projects:

1)Student Management System(Desktop based application).

2)Pakmart(Online Grocery Website)

3)Login form(Using java GUI based)

Guaranteed satisfaction. I provide my professional work based on my client's requirements with the best cost options.

Do not hesitate in hiring me for any of the above jobs.