Mohammad ph


I'm Mohammad Ihmouda (PH). Computer Engineer. I'm palestinian original and living.

At first and to avoid falling in mistake that many poeple do when they talk about them specailly sucess and famous people that it's wrong to tell others what have to do. theirs no specific rules and every one have his experince. so i will not talk about myself in addition to i'm not famous or that sucess man .but if i can help and advice my self before others just do :

1. Listen to your inner voice inside you.
2. Forgive your parents,firends,wife,childern and all people coz they need your love and care.
3. Just do what it's right and strange. so be right and crazy and don't ask me how to combine between them
4. You must face your fear don't build your hypotheses on delusions. when you scare about fail you must do it and then learn.
5. When you became angry drink pepsi :)


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