Mohammad Saleh

A creative consultant and organized manager focused on organizational development and public sector reform, who enjoys analyzing the current situation, identifying and prioritizing areas of improvement and challenging organizational obstacles by initiating and delivering innovative, practical and strategic solutions. With strong interpersonal skills and long work experience, I have a well-rounded exposure to many areas of consulting services delivery, including business development, project management, providing technical assistance to projects related to Public Sector Reform, Organizational development, Strategic Planning, Excellence Modeling, Business Modeling and Business Process Reengineering, Capacity Building, IT design and planning, and Human Resources Management. My interpersonal skills and practical experience equipped me with an excellent big-picture focus as well as an eye for details. I have worked closely with the public sector in Jordan, MENA and Arab Gulf Countries, which enriched my experience and established a good understanding of their operations, procedures and needs. in addition my experience involved exposure to private sector and working with donor agencies such as USAID. My experience included working with, central and federal governments, private sector, local governance, and USAID funded projects such as Local Governance Development Program (LGDP), Aqaba Community and Economic Development (ACED), Information Technology Master Plan-Implementation Phase (ITMP-IP), Rule of Law Project (RoLP) and Civil Society Program (CSP). This is in addition to extensive background and hands-on experience in the management and implementation of information technology projects through deploying world-class standards and best practices, in both public and private organizations. I managed and implemented projects in countries all over the region such as: United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.