Mohammad Tabish

Born: May 13, 1990
Currently persuing BA (Honors) English Literature.
From Amity University, Noida - 125

I was born on a day of curfew which till now is imposed. The place 'let my cry its name' - Cashmeer, the conflict still prevails. Guns barking everywhere and it's raining blood.

The morning newspaper brings details of dead and lunatic I keep searching my name among the demised. I then sigh in relief "on the grant of one more day". I own the day let me go out.

But she has turned mad she only talks about the 'fall''
She says: "The cold is being conceived and I won't let you out".
She tells me of her dream, a dream just a night old.
"Burning chinars
Stark poplar trees
Brittle leaves getting crushed under feet"

And on her last sentence i burst out in a laugh
Will you believe what she said to me?
She says: "The island of char chinari has drowned"
'Oh grandma' I speak (the voice not mine)
"You are turning old"

But the newspaper next day clearly spoke "the springs inside the dal lake have burst and the water has started to rise".

I run searching for 'her' then into her room, but she is nowhere and nor am I.

The ship of time has taken me far through the sea of ice into the vale of pine.


"Under the dark shades of the pine I have lost
I have come again to the city of a tribe lost"

"Searching the earth taken under the fabric white
Where children had buried their toys and lost"

"The trees are on fire melting the winter frost
And night shedding its dark, but the beloved is lost"

"Boiling springs of desire are bubbling with longs
Waits this nights end when sufferings be lost"

To be cont.....