Mohammed Alkrunz

Nurse, Health educator, and founding member of IYAFP in Palestine

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Every morning when I drink a cup of coffee and listen to relaxing music to Dean Martin and prepare myself to go on in life, my mother always remember me the famous quote for the mother of 35th President of America John F. Kennedy, “The ultimate responsibility always lies within you, and the opportunities are the ones you create.”
As I have mentioned above, I believe in my mother, I believe in myself, my hard work and I always try to seek perfection in everything, my strength point is that I like to take challenges, my way of thinking that i always take both success and failure in a balanced manner, so if someday I fall down, I remember my mother's push words then I talk to myself: Yes, I believe I can stand up and continue.
My name is Mohammed, I'm 23 years old, Nurse, I'm from Palestine- Gaza, concerning education, i achieved a Bachelor degree of science in Nursing in 2016. And like anyone who listens to the internal appeal to be part of the change he want for this world, so study at the college didn't deprive me to develop myself and participate in other things in parallel with my study, for 3 years ago, I work voluntary as a Peer Health Educator and Advocate at an International Youth Peer Education Network Y-PEER, it's supported and funded by United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) in Palestine, Y-PEER aims to promote a healthy life style through peer to peer approach and to empower young people to make responsible decision, in addition, YPEER advocates in areas surrounding Adolescents sexual and reproductive health right, youth and adolescents rights in general.
After 3 years of working, now I'm a Trainer, health educator and Y-PEER young leader and advocate. In fact, joining YPEER network contributes significantly in changing the path of my life, this experience was one of the most things that influences me significantly in refining my character.
I have a principle in my life, the principle is that youth must take part in everything surrounding their lives, and if you wanna be someone the world worth it, you should never neglect any opportunity to improve yourself.

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