Mohammed Al Shehri

Saudi Arabia

Mr. Al-Shehri is aspiring to become one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Middle East, in addition to his career in different fields of management, he is well known for his modest and humble nature.

He is also intimately interested in ( Science ) and scientific discovery, Anthropology, History, Astronomy, Cosmology, Biology, Physics these are all fields of science that are of great interest to him. He always gives credence and emphasis on empirical scientific evidence, in the pursuit of understanding our universe and our place in it. The sphere of perpetual learning is a cornerstone of his daily activities, essentially he is engaged in personal readings and online courses that aim to enhance, as will as sharpen his knowledge on all scientific discourse. He has a love for languages as well, his native tongue is Arabic but he is fluent in English, and wishes to enhance his linguistic capacity by learning a second European language.

He has a reformist vision for all types of Business Developments, that is based on the inclusive expansion of various enclave investments, and that is done by focusing on enhancing and sustaining well trained Human Capital. He is an excellent communicator with a Sharpe emphasis on building strong client relationships, that can work as a customer base in providing all of the feedback that is necessary going forward. He has a limitless innovative capacity for understanding, and observing the events that occur in our planet.

  • Work
    • Operations Supervisor and HR officer
  • Education
    • A graduate of the faculty of Arts and Humanities