Mohammed Elfateh


hello every one am mohmd born in u.s.a raised there curntly in sudan studing architecture

I love to draw it's my thing also i loove anime cause it takes me to a diffrent place and just to let u know anime is not cartoon and anime is not for kids and if so then call me a kid idf care

i also love japan and japanese culture .and i love the way they respect each other and if god extended my life i will go there

i don't worry about the future i live every day for it self

lol sometimes i can be very good and kind that if an ant died near me i became really sad :( but sometimes i don't care if the The entire universe blowed up ;)

i really treate people by their character not thier looks or race and religion ..and on how they treat me -_-

I always search for new people to talk to and make friends so if ur bored just say hi

i can speak arabic-- english (mr obvious lol) and a little japanese ..

bye bye ...

  • Work
    • senior student architecure
  • Education
    • architecture
    • Oakland Park Elementary School
    • Beverly Hills High School
    • Omdurman Al-ahlia University