Mohammed Zaghloul

General Administrative experienced, Excel Accounting Software and Financial Reporting, and good in adobe program with MS in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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•To obtain a challenging and responsible position that will effectively utilize my acquired skills, experience, education, abilities, and knowledge with an organization offering professional growth and advancement.

•I would like to work as an Accountant because I like dealing with accounts and like to proceed with everything according to account.

•I can work in Design accounting software on Excel that I have the skills which I gained from dealing with accounts.

•I would like to have a position where I can use my skills and developing myself to increase my knowledge and to be an effective person in the organization.

•I worked as a general accountant and then a financial executive manager and then an administrative manager. I learned from working with these important sensitive jobs. How to adapt to practical data in addition to dealing with the work team, which is the main factor to achieve the original goal of success of the institution and achieving its objectives with different fields. My permanent desire to acquire manual skills in any of the fields in which I worked, since I can determine what if there is a shortening of work on a particular side, I have to carry out the work myself to make sure that there is a default of the service and the advantage that if I calculated one of the staff to investigate And proved to be the opposite so I lost the most important Mbda of the Principles of Public Relations, a harmony between the team.

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wa +971-52 707 6343

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