Mohammed AL-ajmi

Mohammed Al-Ajmi young and talented artist is a successful future in the world of music. Mohammed was born in an artistic family, making it influenced the world of music since he was young. Grew up in a modest and popular in the city of Al Seeb in Oman. Muhammad was always surrounded sponsored by his family, due to the fact younger boy among the four brothers, everyone has gambled on his success. At the age of thirteen, Mohammed participated in casting PBS concert titled sideburns Star, where producers discovered his talent immediately, and they have chosen to participate in the program, which was a real starting point for his career.
With this step, Mohammed began to feel slowly achieving his dream, as it began public penile impressive and building name and his center on the art scene, he was one of the most popular artists in this program. At the end of the program sideburns Star, Muhammad received many professional Promotions, but Tani in the selection and rejection of most of them. Muhammad began his career as an actor, where he was chosen to play a role in a television series in 2006. In addition to his talent in singing, Discover public Mohammed in acting talent.
Mohammed had a desire to participate in several technical areas have managed to do so.